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The most buzzworthy restaurants in Bangkok

4th September 2014

With a population of more than 8 million people, Bangkok is an incredible destination for city-lovers. This iconic municipality is continued to grow and expand in recent years, and those who are taking Thailand holidays won't want to miss out in this spectacular and cosmopolitan city.

If you and your group fancy yourselves foodies, you have myriad options in Bangkok. The city is so large and has so many options, in fact, that choosing an eatery can seem overwhelming. The city's options range from casual to elegant and everywhere in between.

We've singled out a few of the most upscale, buzzworthy places to be seen noshing in Thailand.


Consistently ranking as one of the world's top restaurants, Nahm simply had to come first on our list. The establishment has won numerous awards and accolades, including the current no. 1 spot on San Pellegrino's Asia's Best Restaurant list. Chef David Thompson is an Aussie himself, but he's a known Thai cuisine scholar.

This restaurant is renowned and upscale, so its menu is constantly changing. Food offerings range from freshwater crayfish served with pork and Asian pennywort to fish, peanut and tapioca dumplings. Try the grilled catfish, served with salted duck egg and prawn relish alongside a heap of fresh veggies. Regardless of what you choose to order, you can rest assured you're enjoying the finest cuisine Thailand has to offer.


Located in the heart of the city, the executive chef of Gaggan runs his namesake restaurant with energy, creativity and nostalgia. This upscale, authentic Indian eatery is housed in an elegant colonial house, and its fare is just as sophisticated as its decor.

The restaurant boasts an extensive wine list and offers a full tasting menu for those couples who prefer a little wine with their dinner. Even beyond the vino, you have plenty of menu options that will arouse and excite your taste buds. Try the "Chowpati Year 2050" - also known as papdi chaat - served with yoghurt, potatoes, savoury crispy and tangy mango chutney. Or opt for "Made in India" - aka paneer malai tikka - a grilled cottage cheese sandwich with chutney.

Eat Me

The artistically inclined will definitely want to check out Eat Me, a progressive establishment that doubles as an art gallery. The restaurant is as hip as it is delicious, and has been named one of Asia's top restaurants numerous times.

Start with the grilled tiger prawns served with tom yum spiced olive oil or the salmon gravlax with espresso mustard emulsion. As you move to your main course, consider the Australian wagyu steak tart, or the fig and blue cheese ravioli, which comes topped with walnuts, rosemary and brown butter. The lamb rack with harissa yoghurt is sure to please, as is the duck confit with honeyed Brussels sprouts and prosciutto. Is your mouth watering yet?


Bo.Lan has long been considered one of Bangkok's best eateries, and serves up authentic Thai cuisine in a setting that is at once elegant and rustic (if you don't believe us, check out the restaurant and see for yourself!). Book your spot in advance - the restaurant has a cozy atmosphere thanks to its two small dining rooms and fills up quickly.

The cuisine here is all very authentic, so you should come with an appetite for flavourful and quintessentially Thai food. Try the grilled pork salad with rambutans, the stir fried prawns with chilli and basil, the panang beef shank curry or the northern chicken soup with banana blossoms. Keep in mind all these dishes will be named with their authentic titles - so you should be prepared to order the 'Lab Khua Kae Khao Yai Bab Nua Naem Pak Puen Baan' rather than the spicy lamb salad.