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Destinations for the Solo Traveller

25th April 2014

In today's world, just because you are travelling by yourself doesn't mean you have to be alone. There are group holidays available for every age and every interest - from a gourmet tour of Italy, an indulgent golfing vacation or trekking through some of the lesser known wonders of the world. For anyone who is spellbound by the many varied cultures of the world or fascinated by history, why not consider touring the Cambodian temples of Angkor. These ancient temples hold an air of mystery that you can't feel just by looking at photos or TV shows. After a day of sight-seeing, enjoy an elephant ride and shop for unique gifts before enjoying the many delicious flavours of local restaurants. Another great way to enjoy delicious gourmet delights is a luxury cooking holiday in some exotic location such as Vietnam, Tuscany or Bali. Not only can you enjoy some unusual and tasty treats, you can also take cooking classes to learn how the locals blend and cook with exotic spices and produce. Just imagine yourself inhaling the aromas of freshly baked baguette topped with locally produced cheese and a drop of vino while overlooking the stunning vineyards in Southern France. All this can be enjoyed in the company of your newly-made friends. Fitness-lovers can also indulge in a range of travel packages designed specifically for the solo traveller. What better way to discover the rolling green pastures and rugged coastlines of Ireland than a cycling/walking vacation? Not only will you be amazed by the breathtaking scenery and tantalising tastes, you will also love the friendliness and sparkling characters you meet along the way. Meanwhile, nature enthusiasts can escape the everyday hustle and bustle of city life with a wide range of nature and wildlife holidays, and you don't have to rough it at all! There are many wildlife adventures available where you will spend time exploring the wilds with fellow nature enthusiasts in the comfort that you are accustomed to. If you can see yourself tracking a snow leopard in the Leh Valley of India, riding high upon an elephant in Thailand, watching giraffes grazing peacefully in Africa or getting to know an Orca in Norway, there is no need to miss out just because you are a solo traveller.

Perhaps you would prefer to spoil yourself with something a bit more exhilarating and indulgent... something like a luxury tour of Germany in a classic Porsche 911. Once you are sitting behind the steering wheel of this ultimate in driving opulence, explore the beautiful countryside of Germany and Austria while staying in 5 star resorts all the way! If you fancy the lifestyle of a movie-star or celebrity, why not spoil yourself with a relaxing, pampering vacation at one of the many 5 star resorts in the Greek Islands or a luxury Tahitian holiday. There is something special about crystal clear waters, sun-drenched beaches, refreshing cocktails and tropical palms that make it so easy to relax and allow yourself to enjoy endless hours of pampering bliss. There is also a vast range of luxury train tours available where you can take in the spectacular scenery in places as varied as Mongolia, Scotland, Peru, Africa, Venice and England, just for starters. Many of these trains are exquisitely designed with total comfort and extravagance in mind. In fact, you might feel like you are staying at a five star resort. With so many luxury travel deals available for solo travellers, you don't have to miss out. Once you have experienced the joys of travelling by yourself - but with other solo travellers - the most difficult decision you will have to make is what adventures you want to experience. Call 13 70 71 or enquire online to speak to one of our travel specialists and begin planning your solo personalised itinerary.