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Meet Jane Thesinger of Travel Associates

28th April 2014

Meet Jane Thesinger of Thesinger & Turner Travel Associates, a boutique style travel agency service that caters for discerning travellers and luxury holidaymakers. Based in Norwood, South Australia, they offer exclusive packages, special interest tours, luxury cruises and more.

Jane has worked in the travel industry for a number of years, and described the move to Travel Associates as "one of the best decisions I've ever made". The Norwood branch has been open since mid-June 2013 and has a lot of exciting plans in the works. 

"I'm focused on the repeat and referral business," Jane said. "That's the reason why I go to work, so over the years I've built relationships with my clients who have referred people onto me, so I know that was one of my strengths.

"Moving to Travel Associates allowed me to focus on that 100 per cent. It's a much more grown up atmosphere - it's very respectful. We're left to our own devices, which works quite well as I can pass that onto my staff and I think that makes them more responsible. It's been a breath of fresh air."

Many of Jane's clients are from the Baby Boomer generation, and are looking to embark upon luxury travel adventures.

"In our area in Norwood, we've always had a strong focus on Europe and even Canada, Alaska and parts of the USA. There's a certain standard in which you want to do these trips - you really want to do them in style. A lot of the Baby Boomers work really hard during their working life then close to retiring, or once they've retired, they can enjoy their travel."

However, having just returned from a trip to Africa herself, Jane might be encouraging a few more clients to venture to Africa!

All in all she spent seven nights in South Africa, enjoying Cape Town, the world-famous luxury Rovos Rail train journey and Sun City - all thanks to an industry-sponsored trip.

The Rovos Rail was an incredibly opulent experience, with four-course meals for both lunch and dinner, each course paired with a matching wine. Every room is assigned a butler or a maid and everything is beautifully kept.

"Being able to to do the Rovos Rail was a once-in-a-lifetime experience," said Jane. "It's usually something that you do later in life as it's very luxurious, so we were with people who have wanted to do it for 20 years."

"Every time you leave the cabin they do something new with the rooms, whether it's styling the pillows or the beds," said Jane of the experience.That's not to mention the stunning scenery and views.

Wine tasting in the beautiful Paarl wine region was another highlight, not to mention that Jane also got to see four of the Big Five safari animals at a game park in Sun City - only just missing out on the elusive leopard!

If you want discover the world in style, get in touch with Travel Associates to see where it can take you.