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Experience The Scenic ‘Nth Degree’

10th June 2016

One of the distinguishing characteristics of a river cruise is its all-inclusive benefits. From the gourmet cuisine and award-winning wines to the land excursions and tours, river cruises offer a level of luxury, convenience and personal attention unlike any other style of travel.

While there are many cruises to choose, both ocean and river, that offer an all-inclusive experience, no one delivers the amount of benefits, tour options or levels of sophistication as Scenic's luxury cruises.

Scenic has taken their brand of service and personal attention to the next level – or as they call it, the ‘Nth Degree’.

Enjoy a river cruise like no other with Scenic. Image: Scenic

What is the Nth Degree?

An iconic Australian company, Scenic has always been known as one of the leaders in the luxury river cruise and tour market. When sailing on one of their 5-star Space-Ships’ river cruise guests are treated to the ultimate in service and luxury; aka the Nth Degree.

Guest’s expectations are not just met, but exceeded in many ways. The experienced and friendly crew anticipate your every need in advance, and with so many special touches and money-can’t-buy excursions, the crew go above and beyond to ensure your holiday is lasting and memorable.

The Nth Degree provides exceptional service and experiences. Image: Scenic

Scenic Space-Ships

With Scenic, it all starts with the ship itself. Each one is custom built to the exact expectations of Scenic founder and CEO, Glen Moroney.

Mr Moroney's wife, Karen, is behind the sparkling cabin interiors, restaurants and public spaces. With a sharp eye for detail and elegance, plus functionality, the Scenic Space-Ships are decorated in soothing tones, while furnishings and decor reflect modern and comfortable design.

Every aspect of your journey has been painstakingly planned, from the comfort of the pillows to the amenities in the bathroom, the wines, food, ingredients and service flow.

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Every aspect of your journey has been painstakingly planned, from the comfort of the pillows to the amenities in the bathroom, the wines, food, ingredients and service flow.

E-Bike's are one of the included activities as seen here in Rudesheim. Image: Scenic

Scenic Tours

Special attention has been given to every shore excursion. With their meticulous eye for detail and location, Scenic’s dedicated teams seek out tour guides of the highest calibre.

Combining local experiences as a way to immerse guests in the history, culture, land and way of life, is all part of the Nth Degree.

Exclusive tours and stage spectaculars, such as a private concert by the Viennese Orchestra and ‘The Sound of Music’ theatre production in the Alps above Salzburg, are just two examples of tours and excursions available exclusively to Scenic guests.

Exclusive experiences such as a private performance at the Palais Liechtenstein. Image: Scenic

These really are money-can’t-buy tours and activities.


When you board a Scenic river cruise there is no request to hand over your credit card at check-in. All-inclusive on Scenic, is literally all-inclusive.

Here, everything is included from gourmet food prepared by talented chefs using the freshest seasonal produce, to expert mixologists behind the bar crafting cocktails each evening.

Known as the wallet-free zone, Scenic river cruises even include laundry and a daily mini-bar. Once you step on board, you won't need to spend a cent.

If your style of holiday is basking in the ultimate of cultural experiences where service is second to none and everything from the cabins, to the ship, staff and the tours have been meticulously planned and organised to the Nth Degree, Scenic is the one for you.