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Lolo Trendell
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Not only does Lolo have an abundance of personal travel experience to share; she can also offer a wealth of practical tips as a result of almost 20 years as an expert travel planner.

“I love my job because I get to travel the world every day through the adventures and stories of my lovely clients,” says Lolo. “If there’s anything that I can do or suggest to make their holiday better, I’ll go out of my way to make it happen.”

While Lolo’s talents as a travel advisor allow her to excel at planning all the details of a seamless holiday, she also advises her clients to leave some experiences up to fate.

“I really believe in taking time to slow down and people watch while you’re exploring a new destination,” says Lolo. “You never know what unexpected experiences are going to come your way, and that’s where the magic happens. I definitely believe that being organised will mean you have a more stress free holiday, but still – make sure you have time to simply enjoy it.”

Lolo’s clients love the thought she puts into their itineraries, which are always designed to make sure they enjoy the destination in a way that suits them personally. One of Lolo’s favourite career memories was arranging an adventure to the iconic Red Centre.

“My clients wanted to experience Australia’s Outback in a very undiluted way. Their itinerary included many nights of sleeping under the stars – no barriers between them and the heavens. It was a wonderful reminder of the beauty that we have right at our doorstep.”

Lolo’s favourite travel destination is Italy, which she loves for its vibrant food, culture and people. In her opinion it’s an ideal destination for family and small group travel, which are two of her areas of expertise.

“Although solo travel has many benefits, I think travelling with friends and family is so much fun. It’s an amazing feeling to share your travel experiences with loved ones, and you’ll always have the memories to bring you together as you reminisce years later.”

Ask Lolo her favourite travel memory and she’ll offer up her experience at the Palio in Siena, Italy.

“The Palio is as colloquial as it gets, and I loved experiencing it through the eyes of a local. It’s an ancient horse race where the city’s different areas, or contrade, choose a representative to ride for them in a race to end all races. The jockeys still wear the traditional colours and flags, and the crowd is simply electric. I would highly recommend it to anyone lucky enough to be offered the experience.”

Stop by Trendell & Turner Travel Associates to chat with Lolo about your travel dreams – she’s looking forward to helping you make the most out of every moment.


I am a big fan of Trendell & Turner Travel Associates. Over a period close to a decade, we have benefited from the professional, courteous and client focused approach that Lolo and the team use. They have helped us safely explore this wonderful world, with a focus on the most special places. I would recommend this travel agency certainly. Thanks Trendell & Turner Travel Associates!

Lolo at Trendell & Turner has always been extremely helpful and proficient in assisting with planning our holiday journeys. She undertakes all booking arrangements with airlines and travel companies. If we wish to travel independently she suggests interesting locations, organizes the logistics and itineraries and the accommodation is always central to local attractions. Lolo has always turned our imagination and dreams into exciting and memorable holidays. We would not hesitate in recommending her as a travel agent to friends or family.

Lolo & her team at Trendell & Turner Travel Associates are true professionals in the travel industry. They are well travelled and very knowledgable on a diverse range of destinations. I'm never disappointed following their recommendations and have been to some places I would never have considered. The new Travel Associates app makes life a lot easier travelling with all of your details a click away!

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