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Melissa Madigan
Paddington, NSW
1800 236 667
(02) 9388 2900
Jones & Turner Travel Associates
Paddington, NSW

Working & living on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland, Melissa looks after her clients around Australia and overseas. Melissa offers personalised care and service to her clients and she welcomes your travel enquiry.


Melissa is available via email,

or call her directly on 0405 127723 or 07 5442 3086.


The Dali Lama once said, “Once a year, go someplace you’ve never been before.” It is this spirit of exploration that has brought Melissa so much fulfillment in her 20 years as a dedicated travel consultant. 


Melissa’s attention to detail is not just apparent in her seamless itineraries; it also allows her to add unexpected extras to her client’s holidays in a way that will best delight their particular tastes. From entrance tickets to the Empire State Building to a beautiful spa treatment in Bali, Melissa’s thoughtful added touches are just a part of the reason her customers consistently return to her for all their travel needs. 


“I love the way that travel broadens your mind, your outlook on life and your appreciation and respect for all cultures.” Melissa has embraced these life-changing sensations in more than 40 countries, ensuring she has a treasure trove of personal experiences to recommend.  


So which parts of the world rate highest in the eyes of such an experienced traveller? Melissa says Rome has to be a favourite. “It’s amazing that one destination can have such rich history, great culture, lovely people, amazing food, and world-class coffee,” she says. “It’s in my top three, along with London and New York!”


If you’re thinking “travel”, think of Melissa - her abundant experience, wonderful customer service and marvelous attention to detail ensure you’re in for the trip of a lifetime. 





Melissa is one of the most helpful, selfless, accessible and friendly people I have ever dealt with. A friend recommended that I call her to help me with my travel plans and I have had nothing but exceptional advice, professional service and thorough and detailed results that always get me where I need to be. I can personally recommend Melissa for any travel needs. She is always happy to go out of her way to really know who I am and do all the little things that make me feel special.

I am a travel writer and travel frequently and extensively overseas. This means that I need a travel agent who is knowledgeable of travel products, understands my travel needs, looks after the smallest detail and puts together a relevant travel package. I have used Melissa Madigan for a number of years and she delivers – always. Unlike many travel agents who often are inexperienced, unworldly and intent on just selling a product, Melissa goes out of her way to understand and meet the client’s needs (including those of the ‘older’ traveller). She goes the extra mile. I have referred a number of friends to her and they have also commended her service. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Melissa Madigan has looked after me and my family for over 10 years. In the modern era of online access I have come to rely on the personal service that she always delivers for me. We have had well over a dozen trips in that time and I am always grateful to have her expertise through the booking process and problem solving skills when things inevitably go awry. On the day my father-in-law passed away the family was due to fly to Asia and even though it was a Saturday Melissa helped us through that difficult day and rebooked all our arrangements for later travel. She keeps tabs on our passport expiry dates and knows what sort of travelers we are. I have recommended Melissa’s services to many friends who are not as used to dealing with travel agents as they used to be but they have also found that Madigan & Turner are not only reliable and efficient they add that layer of care that puts a traveler at ease. I will continue to recommend Madigan & Turner to my friends and colleagues and expect Melissa to be arranging my travels for many years to come.

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