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The Best Tickets In Las Vegas

2nd November 2015

The iconic city of Las Vegas, Nevada is known the world over as being a glittering hub of beauty, excess and a place where fortunes are made or lost. From the moment you first touch down at McCarren International Airport to the minute you check out of your Vegas hotel, it's almost like you have stepped through the looking glass into an alternate universe.

A universe where monuments of the world are plotted along the landscape in miniature, like ornaments on a mantelpiece; where you can walk down the strip and see water shot 140 metres into the air in a show choreographed to music at the Bellagio fountain.

That's not to mention the giant lion outside the MGM Grand or the replica of Saint Mark's Square (complete with canals and gondoliers) at the Venetian. One of the best things about Vegas is how it attracts some of the best theatrical talent from around the world for its myriad of resident shows.

Here's a sneak peek at a few of our favourite tickets in Las Vegas.

KA, Cirque du Soleil at MGM Grand

One of the most theatrical, opulent shows in town, KA is a visual treat, Cirque du Soleil style. It follows a rich narrative of a prince and princess whose home is besieged by enemy troops, causing them to flee across varied landscapes.

Supported by an array of larger-than-life characters, KA is a fusion of acrobatics, martial arts and seemingly deadly stunts. You'll be drawn into this immersive experience, watching as the artists soar over your heads and warriors clash in fierce battle.

You'll also witness the incredible mobile platform stages where the show takes place. As part of the $165 million that went into creating this masterpiece, the stage tilts to a sheer vertical drop, making the performers scramble to climb up it.

Time Magazine described KA as being "bigger than Vegas", which is an accolade and a half. What will your review be?

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Jersey Boys at Le Theatre des Arts, Paris Las Vegas

Variety calls this "the hot ticket in Vegas", and it's easy to see why. This Tony-winning musical production tells the story of the 1960s pop group, Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons.

The four singers from Jersey captured hearts around the world with their unique sound, which skyrocketed them to fame. However, Jersey Boys also tells the other side of the story, with the group's less than harmonic life off stage.

The show has all your favourite tunes, from 'Sherry', to 'Walk like a man' and 'December, 1963', all performed to perfection by the core cast.

Take a journey back in time to where the phenomenon that later went on to sell over 175 million records worldwide began. Sit back, and get ready to fall in love with The Four Seasons all over again.

Penn & Teller at the Rio Hotel & Casino

The 'bad boys of magic' are back, and waiting for you to discover even more wonder and hilarity in their live show over at the Rio. Unlike any other magic production you'll see both here in Las Vegas or anywhere in the world, this double act always reveals the secrets behind their tricks, and somehow manages to leave the audience gobsmacked every time.

With anything from knives and guns to fire-eating, Penn and Teller combine some of the slickest tricks in the business with their unique brand of comic sensibility. Taller Penn takes the audience along on the journey as your trusty narrator, whilst the shorter Teller pulls off the big moves with a benevolent smile, but not a single word.

Some of the pair's most acclaimed tricks are in the mix, including the classic cup and balls trick and the fabulous Teller fishing up coins from an empty water tank and making a school of gold fish appear out of thin air.

It's impossible not to love this dynamic duo, so get on over to the Rio and grab your tickets.