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Gillian Woodley
Hobart, TAS
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Travel Associates Sandy Bay
Hobart, TAS

Gillian believes that doing things that scare you once in a while makes for unforgettable travel memories. After 92 countries and 22 years in the travel industry, Gillian has some tales that will make your jaw drop, and she looks forward to adding more to her collection.

In the spirit of life-changing challenge, one of Gillian’s career highlights was convincing an elderly passenger that it wasn’t too late for her to experience Antarctica.

“Although my client is in her 70s, I knew that the Antarctic was an option that was still very much available and accessible for her. I loved every moment of my own Antarctic journey, and I knew that I could help her achieve this bucket list dream.”

This kind of encounter is the reason Gillian loves her job.

“Working in travel is the most rewarding, satisfying role you could wish for. The responsibility that is given to you by clients who are entrusting their time, money and dreams can’t be underestimated. In a world of chaos, travel is the element that makes it all worthwhile.”

Keen to hear more of Gillian’s adventures? How about a rock star entrance to a luxury Oman hotel?

“A special birthday meant a special James Bond arrival. We took a limo hummer from Dubai over the border to Oman, to a rocky outcrop where we could see the luxurious Six Senses nestled in Zighy Bay. We changed in to our paragliding gear and coasted down to the hotel. Talk about making an entrance!”

If you’re looking for something a little less hair-raising, Gillian has some great tips on exploring our own beautiful country.

“I was lucky enough to enjoy a camper trailer holiday around Australia visiting iconic towns like Longreach and Coober Pedy. The national parks in Australia are breathtaking, our wilderness is vast and remote and our wetlands a wonderland. This trip made me more grateful for what we have and what we can share with the world.”

Another life changing experience that Gillian highly recommends is visiting Petra in Jordan, a moment that she’ll never forget.

“Words can’t explain the thrill of walking the kilometre into Petra at night through the rocks carved by years of wind and water, with candles leading the way. I arrived at the treasury building, which was chiselled by hand over a thousand years ago, and was welcomed by the sound of a lone musician in the amphitheatre playing a traditional Arabian flute. Truly a once in a lifetime experience!”

Gillian has hundreds more stories to inspire your travel dreams. From active trekking holidays such as the Kokoda Trail, Everest Base Camp and Peru; to unspoiled beach holidays in Tahiti - she has a unique experience to offer you. Ocean cruising is another area of speciality for Gillian, who has a staggering 250 nights at sea to her name.

Whatever your idea of adventure, Gillian can’t wait to help you find it, because she considers her work to be much more than a travel advising service.

“If someone experiences something through your recommendation that changes how they see the world or makes life a little easier I don’t think you could be doing anything more important.”


Five years ago I was lucky enough to discover this friendly and very well travelled lady who has an excellent knowledge of all aspects of the travel industry. Since that time, Gillian has taken the headache out of planning many trips for myself and my friends ranging from simple domestic car hire to a recent getaway in New York City. While she welcomes input from her clients, she also manages to present multiple options for us to consider. While travelling overseas, we often comment that Gillian must have recommended us as her ‘VIP’ clients as we seem to command excellent attention with regard to staff in hotels, on cruises, transfers and excursions. Her professionalism in ensuring all visas and other documents are completed ahead of time contributes to our wonderful stress-free time away. On return, Gillian treats us like old friends and is excited to follow up on our experiences, making us feel as if we are the only clients she has to deal with. I would 100% recommend you book through Gillian at Travel Associates Sandy Bay.

I love exploring places off the beaten track, but getting there can be a challenge. Ten years ago, when I was trying in vain to get myself to Tehran, I made contact through the internet with Gillian Woodley. She got me into and out of Iran, and from then on I’ve relied on her amazing knowledge and unfailing help. Gill has booked my tickets into Kazakhstan and out of Turkmenistan, into Azerbaijan and out of Armenia. I’m just back from Ethiopia, and thinking about my coming trip to Bhutan. Planning is so much easier when I know I have a clever and committed travel agent to rely on!

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Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, British Virgin Islands, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Fiji, France, Germany, Hong Kong S.A.R., Hungary, Indonesia, Italy, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Mauritius, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Qatar, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States of America, Vatican City, Vietnam
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