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Liz Northcott
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When travelling, Liz embraces a simple creed – get the most out of every moment. “Highlights aren't always about the destination,” Liz says, “it’s also about the timing, and what you do with that time.”

Liz applies that same principle to travel when organising her special itineraries for clients. For one client in particular, who happened to be a major tennis fan, Liz organised a complete Wimbledon package to coincide with their London trip. “It was a dream come true for them,” said Liz.

“More than anything, I love helping clients get the most out of their experiences, wherever they visit. I’m especially passionate though when it comes to African adventures and safaris.” One of Liz’ favourite destinations is Zimbabwe where she was able to see countless animals in the wild. “Walking with Lions in Zimbabwe was heart-throbbing, nerve-wracking and exhilarating all at the same time. I loved it so much, I went twice in one day!”

Los Glaciares National Park in southern South America’s Patagonia region is another of Liz’ favourite destinations. From the crystal clear lakes to the UNESCO World Heritage listed Perito Moreno Glacier, the barren landscape is at once hauntingly beautiful and discernibly remote. “This was one of the most stunning landscapes I've ever seen and it makes me appreciate our responsibility to remain sensitive to climate change,” Liz explains. “The scale of global warming and the fragility of our environment become very evident here.”

Liz also recommends visiting the Grand Canyon in the vast desert lands of the American southwest. One of the most common, and most exciting ways to take in this vast natural wonder is by helicopter. Just a short flight away from Las Vegas, any visit to this entertainment capital must include a Grand Canyon tour. Aside Zimbabwe, Argentina, Chile and the United States, Liz has travelled extensively through Europe and Asia, as well as to other parts of Africa, South America and the South Pacific.

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