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What Kind Of Traveller Is Julia Zemiro?

29th April 2016

TV presenter, radio host, actor, singer, writer and comedian, Julia Zemiro, is a bona fide triple threat.

Synonymous as the host of the super-hit musical quiz show, RocKwiz since its debut in 2005, the French-born media personality has also found fame as the Australian face of Eurovision thanks to her ongoing annual coverage of the content on SBS – a role that has seen her traverse the globe.

Road tripping through Europe has been Julia's favourite (working) holiday so far.

My best holiday ever:

It was actually – very surprisingly – a work holiday, filming the Road to Eurovision TV specials for SBS a few years back for the 2013 contest. We drove in an actual camper van all through Europe and were filming past and present Eurovision winners along the way in all these different countries.

We went to Finland, Sweden and right through Eastern Europe – Poland, Lithuania, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia. It was wonderful – just a big Euro road trip!

I never travel without:

A little travel coffee plunger and also some ground coffee for that first coffee in bed, which I have while in my PJs in the morning, to get me going for the day.

It’s a better start to the day than leaving the hotel and having to go foraging for a good coffee shop in whatever city you’re in.

A relaxing trip for me:

One that doesn’t involve driving.

My favourite Eurovision host country is:

Denmark. I have friends there and I love hearing the language, plus bikes are everywhere! Copenhagen, Denmark was also where we took our first official Aussie in Eurovision, Jessica Mauboy, when we were asked to supply an ‘interval act’ for the competition in 2014.

Seeing an Aussie up there on the stage was pretty special and the Danes really embraced us beautifully.

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How I survive long haul flights:

Watching movie after movie after movie.

My favourite city:

Still my hometown of Melbourne. Can’t beat it!

My favourite gourmet experience:

My friend Nicolai Molbech took me to Christiansborg tower in Copenhagen, Denmark. We went through a weird security check point, in a lift, up some stairs, through a door to reveal TÅRNET – a restaurant hidden in the tower.

Christiansborg is the Danish Parliament Building so eating there was like being in Borgen – the Danish political crime thriller – which is one of my favourite TV shows. The reveal, the location, the view, the quiet, the food, the company… superb!

My best piece of travel advice:

Explore where you are. Walk, listen and write.

The next place on my list is:

I don’t like lists, however, Iceland would be a dream come true. I’ve been all over Europe, but I haven’t been there yet. It would be really amazing to get over there and explore the landscapes. It looks like such a fascinating place.

Julia Zemiro hosts Eurovision on SBS at 7:30pm from May 13–15 2016.