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A Luxurious Escape at COMO Maalifushi

24th May 2024

Travel Associates Product Designer Christina Kerr takes us on a journey through her unforgettable stay at COMO Maalifushi, a hidden gem in the remote Thaa Atoll.


Cycling my way down a sandy path, barefoot in a summer dress, canopied by palm trees and discreetly lit tropical gardens, I had a “pinch me” moment as I rounded a bend to meet my island home.



Sitting atop a pristine lagoon teeming with an ever-changing aquarium of sea life, stepping into my luxurious overwater villa took my breath away. My new address for the next few days had somehow already exceeded my lofty expectations.



Inside the villa, floor to ceiling glass doors opened onto a deck, complete with private pool and a daybed, with steps leading me directly into the crystal-clear lagoon. Most spectacular of all was the captivating view of the surrounding horizon, which I later found would transform into a dance of vibrant blues and pinks as the day progressed.

It was going to be tough to leave this space and join the activities we had scheduled for our stay.


COMO Maalifushi: A Remote Paradise

COMO Maalfushi, located in the remote Thaa Atoll, is a stunning 60-minute seaplane journey from Male. The scenery en route is so spectacular it will leave even the most seasoned traveller speechless.

With only 70 beachfront and overwater villas and suites, this all-encompassing resort provides a sense of exclusivity, making you feel like the only guest on the island. It’s the ultimate escape for families, couples, surfers and divers.



Endless Activities for Every Taste

The magnificent island is rich with a plethora of activities catering to all travel styles.

For surf enthusiasts, first-class surf breaks are nearby, with Tropicsurf on hand to guide surfers of all levels. For something a little less energetic, snorkel to some of the world’s best coral reefs just off your doorstep or relax on one of the island’s powdery sand beaches.

An evening dolphin cruise offers a serene experience, where guests can sip champagne while watching local spinner dolphins cartwheel and flip against a sunset backdrop. During certain times of the year, graceful whale sharks pass through the clear Maldivian waters, giving guests an opportunity to respectfully swim alongside them.



Don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy a BBQ lunch at Lavadhoo, a private uninhabited island just a short boat ride away. For a special occasion, guests can stay overnight on the island in a luxurious open air bed for two, making it the ultimate romantic getaway.



Culinary Delights

Every morning, begin by cycling to the spa for some sunrise yoga before swinging by Madi, COMO Maalifushi’s open-air restaurant.

The menu features wellness juices, tropical fruits, breads, pastries, and Asian specialties like blueberry hotcakes, Eggs Florentine, and a full English Breakfast.

Throughout the day, Madi serves Mediterranean cuisine with a focus on local seafood. As the sun sets, bike to Tai, a Japanese restaurant stilted over the water. offering a delicious and sustainable menu.

For those desiring privacy, in-room dining or private beach dining is always a favourite.



Como Shambhala: A Wellness Haven

With all the available activities, making time for a COMO Shambhala experience is a must. Shambhala, meaning "peace" in Sanskrit, represents a wellness lifestyle found at all COMO properties across the globe. From yoga sessions and spa treatments to wellness dining options, it allows guests to balance holiday indulgences with well-being.


A Dream Come True

Within my first hour of arrival, I learned the Maldivian word for thank you, and it was the word I used most.

My stay at COMO Maalifushi was nothing short of magical. From the stunning natural beauty to the luxurious accommodations and one-of-a-kind service, each moment felt like a dream.

As I reluctantly packed my bags to leave this island paradise, I couldn't help but feel immense gratitude for the unforgettable memories and experiences. Shukuriyaa, COMO Maalifushi, for bringing my island dream to life.


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