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Tickets Please! A Holiday Unlike Any Other

27th August 2018

I have a nostalgic view of rail, and in my time planning trips all across the world I’ve found that there are trains, and then there are trains. I have been searching for the latter.

I’d wager you’re not looking for mediocrity. Neither am I. We travellers are a savvy bunch, and if you’ve worked hard all your life to enjoy the fruits of retirement, so-so isn’t going to cut it. Why should it? Your time is precious and life is there to be well lived.

A train shouldn’t just take you from one magnificent destination to another; it must be sophisticated, effortless, and awe-inspiring. When you sink into your seat and glance out the window it must excel in every possible way. You must feel relaxed, safe, and all the while engaged in your surroundings. It must radiate class and maintain an old world charm that we all look for in a modern locomotive. Too often, I’ve been betrayed by my expectation of a truly outstanding rail experience. That is, until I found the extraordinary, Rocky Mountaineer.

Inside its rich, elegant coaches, Rocky Mountaineer prides itself on world-class service and offers two extravagant service levels. GoldLeaf Service is the Shangri-La of the passenger experience, complete with a bi-level coach, private dining room with à la carte meals, and an outdoor viewing platform.

SilverLeaf Service gives those on a more modest budget a similarly unforgettable experience. Regardless of your chosen package, the onboard Executive Chefs will dazzle your taste buds with a menu inspired by Western Canada’s culinary landscape.

You have the choice of five broadly different routes across the Pacific North West tailored to your specific preferences and capabilities. You can even choose the season in which you’d prefer to travel. There’s something for the adventurer, the sightseer, and those who desire to leisurely witness the beauty of Canada and even Alaska.

It is up to you, and it’s where Rocky Mountaineer truly shines because the journey doesn’t end once the train stops. It encourages you to continue your adventure into the rugged wilderness and traverse the picturesque mountain towns in your hire car. Further additions to your holiday can include helicopter tours, hiking, and grizzly tours.

Knowing that your accommodation is waiting for you at the next breathtaking stop, sit back and enjoy the ride as the train glides between the mountains and rainforests, while the storytelling stewards paint a narrative that has your eyes peeled to the panoramic viewing windows. The pristine lakes, snow-capped mountain ranges, and Canada’s most beautiful cities will enchant you. It will impart memories deeply personal and fulfilling for years to come.

Rocky Mountaineer has my heart. It has blown me away. It is the gold standard of luxury train travel that surpasses all expectations and also encapsulates the timeless nostalgia I have of the quintessential North American Rail adventure. I have found the only reason I will ever need to make sure my next holiday is by train – Rocky Mountaineer.

To experience an unforgettable rail journey for yourself, talk to us now and see the world like you've never seen it before.