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Virgin Voyages: 11 reasons you'll love it

11th November 2019

If you thought cruising was not for you, think again. Richard Branson is set to turn the cruise industry on its head when the first Virgin Voyages ship, Scarlet Lady, launches later this year.


Virgin Voyages
Virgin Voyages


What makes it so different you ask? Well, here’s just a few reasons to get excited about this new cruise offering:


1. It’s adults only

While other cruise lines might already boast this feature, Scarlet Lady is designed as a veritable adult’s playground. Enjoy life just as you would at home, choose a restaurant for dinner, go to a night club, party with friends in a private karaoke room and more… whatever floats your boat.


2. Live the rock star life

Virgin Voyages has coined a whole new style, which it calls ‘rebellious luxe’. A sleek, modern design and bright, vibrant colours replace the cruise industry’s traditional opulent interiors. Nothing old fashioned about this ship.

The suites on Scarlet Lady are everything you could wish for. Spacious, glamorous, quirky and fun, with king-size beds, marble bathrooms and hammocks on the terrace - and they're flexible, allowing you to convert your king size bed to a sofa and back. They come with some pretty amazing inclusions too, like private transfers to and from the ship, access to a VIP sundeck, and even an overnight swimsuit drying service, to name just a few – they’ve thought of everything! Choose the Mega Rockstar Suite and you’ll even have your own glam squad to do your hair and makeup.

The ship has also been designed with solo travellers in mind, which means you’ll can choose from dedicated inside and sea view cabin options with no single supplement required.


3. Not a buffet in sight

Yes that’s right. There’s no main restaurant with assigned seating and set mealtimes, nor is there a buffet. Instead, the ship boasts no less than 20 unique and intimate eateries, including seven signature restaurants. Book a table for the time of your choosing, and enjoy your meal cooked to order. The wide range of options means that no matter what you’re craving, you’re sure to find it somewhere on board and all venues are included in your fare. A first at sea, there's even Korean BBQ!


Dining on Virgin Voyages
Dining on Virgin Voyages


4. Health & wellness done right

No token basement gym on this vessel. Scarlet Lady boasts the most comprehensive fitness program at sea. Decks 15 to 17 have just about everything you could dream of to maintain your fitness regime while at sea, including sunrise and sunset yoga, a place to jog, boot camps, a spin studio, balance studio and all the gym equipment you’d find at home, there’s even a boxing ring. Best of all, all group classes are included in your fare. Of course there’s a spa too for that well-deserved pampering. Virgin Voyages is all about more, not less than you find on other cruise ships. There’s a dedicated mani pedi salon too.


5. Champagne on demand

Download the Virgin Voyages app and take advantage of its champagne on demand feature. Simply shake your phone when the Virgin Voyages Sailor app is open and a special button will magically appear on the screen. Press that button and before you know it a bottle of Moet & Chandon will be heading your way, no matter where you are on the ship.


6. A private island experience

What screams Rockstar more than time spent on a private island. While cruising the Caribbean, Scarlet Lady stops in at Bimini in the Bahamas, where you can enjoy a private beach club experience as well as access to amazing snorkelling and dive sites.


Bimini, Bahamas - the Virgin Voyages private island
Bimini, Bahamas - the Virgin Voyages private island


7. Entertainment done differently

Virgin Voyages has created brand new experiences never before seen on land and premiering for the first time at sea. Visit the onboard record store to listen to some vintage vinyl, or head on-deck to find DJs spinning cool tunes to chill to. Even the ever-popular ‘white night’ has been replaced with a ‘scarlet night’, so be sure to pack red.


8. Dress as you please

Scarlet Lady has no dress code. This means you can glam up if you choose, but you won’t get turned away if you’re wearing shorts or thongs, meaning you’re free to do you, exactly as you choose.


9. Stay longer in port

No more racing back to the ship for a sunset departure. Instead, you get to experience destinations after dark with late night stays at ports on all sailings.


10. It’s bringing cruising into the 21st century

Virgin Voyage puts cruise control at your fingertips. You’ll find a tablet in every room, which means you don’t even have to get out of bed to dim the lights, order food, set your cabin modd or even stream your favourite shows.


11. Less hidden extras

Unlike most ships sailing out of North America, on Scarlet Lady does not add tipping charges to every purchase made on board, nor will you have to pay for things like water or wi-fi.


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