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Walking Tasmania's Maria Island

26th May 2011

Earlier this year, Jo Kennedy from Kennedy & Turner Travel Associates explored the untouched Maria Island by foot.

Tasmania’s Maria Island is one of the most beautiful and pristine places in Australia. The ‘Maria Island Walk’ is without a doubt the best way to explore the island. This four-day journey took us all around the island, from spectacular white beaches to breathtaking cliffs and mountains.

Although four days of walking may sound a bit gruelling, the experience was really quite luxurious. The first two nights were spent in ‘tents’, which were actually very comfortable permanent fixtures at the tour company’s two wilderness camps. On the third night we stayed in a beautiful heritage listed cottage at the top of the island.

The food and wine throughout the walk were also amazing. The tour has won more

Gourmet Traveller awards than any other experience in the world so as you’d expect the guides were fantastic cooks. Everything you eat and drink during the trip is produced in Tasmania.

The journey was packed with breathtaking scenery. Highlights included climbing Mt Maria and the twin peaks of Bishop and Clerk; swimming in the crystal clear water at dawn; and visiting the magnificent ‘Painted Cliffs’.  The island is full of wildlife and we were lucky enough to see penguins, wombats, black cockatoos and Cape Barren geese (the world’s second rarest breed of goose).

The more adventurous walkers have the option of alternative routes and climbs, while those wanting a more leisurely stroll are also accommodated. It really is as challenging or as easy as you want it to be. The Maria Island Walk was a completely unique experience in an untouched part of Australia. I’d strongly recommend this trip especially for groups of girls and couples.

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