Advisor: Donna WoodhouseCruise Specialist

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Donna Woodhouse
Cruise Specialist
Glenelg, SA
1300 847 289
(08) 8295 8291
Travel Associates Glenelg
Glenelg, SA

As a water lover Donna is always looking for new places she can go scuba diving and snorkelling, so if this is one of your passions, she is sure to have some great ideas for your next trip. Southern Africa, the Middle East and South East Asia are some of Donna’s favourite regions, with Namibia her standout destination among them.

Her passion for the country is obvious when asked to recall some of the highlights of her trip there. “The sea of dunes at Sossusvlei in the Namib desert were vast and mystical”, she says. “The early morning light touching the sand and huge contrasts of colour made for amazing photography!”

Having visited nearly 40 countries, it’s hardly surprising that some of Donna’s favourite memories read like bucket-list adventures. After all, who wouldn’t want to stand atop the monastery at Petra in Jordan, dive with great white sharks in Port Lincoln or take a boat trip from Flores to Sumbawa in Indonesia, eating the fish you catch, diving with huge manta rays and witnessing incredible sunrises and sunsets.

Donna finds travel an enriching and amazing experience, so when she is not travelling herself, she is happy knowing her clients are exploring our world. “Knowing that I am instrumental in enhancing their lives through travel makes me so excited for them”.

Indeed, Donna once booked a surprise honeymoon to the Americas. “They started in Hawaii, went to Las Vegas with a Grand Canyon helicopter and boat tour, sightseeing in New York, then a tour of the highlights of Patagonia. As if that wasn’t enough, I booked the Captain's suite on an Aurora Expeditions cruise to Antarctica.

A month of true adventure for the lovely newlyweds.”


Thirteen flights, three continents, two organised tours and 60 nights away from home all organised by Donna without a hitch! Impeccable attention to detail.

Donna has been fantastic in organising our first trip abroad. Her attention to small details like transfers, visas and side trips has made travelling enjoyable and left us wanting to do more. She is also available whenever we have an enquiry, even a small one. We would not use any other travel agent. She is the best.

For the past seven years, my husband and I have used the expertise of Donna Woodhouse in planning and arranging of our travel both interstate and overseas. Donna has a warm personality and a genuine interest in providing the best holiday for her client. She is always polite, professional and contactable. Her involvement provides ‘peace of mind’. Nothing is too much trouble and every detail is accounted, such as visa requirements, valet transport and extra-curricular activities. She is always happy to listen to our requests and works hard to ensure that our dream holidays happen!